My top 100 YT videos of 2016

I didn’t even force myself to find 100 videos I liked in order to fill out this list; I just looked through everything I Favorited, picked out the ones that I felt really had an effect on me, and it just so happened to come out to 98. So then I took a second look and dug up a few videos I had forgotten about, and pow: an even one-hundred. Cool beans amirite?

I’m not counting my own videos. That would be unfair, because I’m obviously amazing at making content that perfectly appeals to my tastes. Tho, my favorite videos of mine this year would be My Debate With a Commenter: The Story of Dowww (for personal satisfaction and self-praise), How to Identify Themes (for making a really salient point that I really super care about), and Tight vs. Loose Sidescrollers: Genesis vs SNES (for the very useful and impactful analysis of a subject I’d wanted to see explored for ages).

I’m also not counting anything that Digi has made. Not because he’s my friend (I have videos by Nate, Hippo and a metric fuckload of Jesse on here), or even necessarily because I work on his videos, but just because uh, he’s makes way too many videos that I really like because we have pretty similar taste (which had a lot to do with why we started working together in the first place). Tho, my favorite videos of his would be The Asterisk War Sucks parts 6 – 9 and How to Identify a Great Anime (In Just One Episode). The best editing I’ve done on any of his vids would be on 10 Best Things Happening in Anime This Decade and Aesthetic is Narrative. My favorite vlog of his this year would be ANIME SHIT NOW?

Now it’s time for the actual list. I don’t think anyone is going to watch these videos anyway, so I can’t summon the motivation to even add the names of the uploader next to the titles, let alone make a convenient playlist for everybody. X.X

Videos I really like
100. (ASMR) The Staircase and The Telephone
99. What if Everyone Lived in Just One City?
98. Ghostbusters 3: History of a Cancelled sequel
97. The Blue Glow: MechaNika
96. Crying – Beyong the Fleeting Gales ALBUM REVIEW
94. Abandoned – Ames Department Stores
93. Bacon & Cheddar Stuffed Burger – Whispering ASMR cooking recipe
92. Not a Review: Final Fantasy XV
91. Fruddle (everything he uploaded in 2016)
90. The Pro-Crastinators Anime Opening
89. The Pro-Crastinators Season 2 OP
88. The Fear of Being Bad in Bed
87. Freddie’s Keyboard Shortcuts [for editing]
86. Autistic Geeks (comments)
85. digibro eats 3000 pounds of pizza and becomes go
84. Magnets and Marbles !
83. Chris’ Thrift Store and Yard Sale Finds (this whole series in 2016)

Videos I seriously care about
82. Why Asuka Hates Shinji
81. ASMR Credit Card Application Roleplay
80. Luna(tic)
78. Story Time: Bill Whittle Reads a Hilary Clinton Children’s Book
77. The Best MW3 Throwing Knife Kill
76. Fuck This Weird Bent Page in my Comic.
75. AVGN Auction for Charity
74. Best Game Ever: Undertale
73. The Blue Glow: Steam Sale Bargain Bin
72. 4th wall humor dissected
70. AqualungGameReviews (his output in 2016)
69. old macdonald (by bill wurtz)
68. Zero Punctuation: Top 5 Games of 2015
67. Errant Signal – The Beginner’s Guide
66. Wall Hitboxes
65. The Sandlerverse
64. After School | A Hippocritical review
63. Patty Circulation
62. what is love?
61. Fuck Football
60. Vlog: Amazing Comics
59. Jojo – To be Continued meme
58. Smooth Mcgroove – Creativity
57. #Garbage
56. The Problem with Paper Mario
55. Do Cause and Effect Really Exist? (Big Picture Ep. 2/5)
54. The Blue Glow: Gone Home
53. Everyframe – Joel and Ethan Coen Shot | Reverse Shot
52. Fun Dissected
51. Fuck “The Citizen Kane of Games”
50. Assassin’s Creed is Boring
49. MechWarrior Retrospective parts 6, 7, 8
48. Fuck em 2016
47. Minecraft Hardcore #5!

Videos I deeply love
46. Tracer & Pose Design 101 – The Animation of Overwatch – Extra Frames
45. TUN: Potpurri 2
44. Stan Lee Owns
43. Vlog: MetroidVania-Mania
42. The Best of steam greenlight trailers (every episode of that show from 2016)
41. Rayman is the hardest game ever made (PART 1)|A Hippocritical review
40. Ravens and Crows Rule!
39. Elliot Rodger | Mumkey’s Anime Reviews #28
38. Genitalia (The Jimquisition)
37. You Are Two
36. Not a Review: The Witch and the Hundred Knight
35. Game of Thrones: Why Dragons Halt Progress
34. Ghost in the Shell: Arise – What Did it do wrong?
33. Fuck Halloween 2
32. MarioMan64 – Grand Theft Auto V
31. The __ but meme
30. YMS: Fateful Findings
29. Manchild Marsh
28. content (by bill wurtz)
27. A New Impossible Coin
26. The #resist series (by thatistheplan)
25. How About Skyward Sword’s Sky? HOW ABOUT THIS GAME?
24. Mad Cucks
23. B Gata H Kei: Yamada’s First Time | Mumkey’s Anime Reviews #3
22. My Japanese Animes: Food Wars
21. Rapping, deconstructed: The best Rhymers of all time
20. The Marvel Symphonic Universe
19. The Pleeb & The Weeb: Pilot season
18. Beer Quest
17. The Simple Solution to Traffic
16. Kerzgesagt (every video of theirs from 2016)
15. 360° Classroom: Sonichu 101 – The Deep Secrets of Chris-chan
14. The Blue Glow: Dark Souls 3
13. Top 5 Massacres Caused By The Dark Knight Rises | Mumkey’s Anime Reviews #36

Videos I would give a 10 out of 10
12. How Does an Editor Think and Feel
11. history of japan
10. The Rules for Rulers
9. Gibbontake (all videos on the channel in 2016)
8. Mr. Plinkett’s The Star Wars Awakens Review
7. Three Institutionalized Flaws In The Film Industry
6. The Death of the Horseshoe Man arc
5. Dues Ex Examined
4. Panel Cast (+The Incorruptible Dredd)
3. Object-Oriented Programming is Bad (trilogy)
2. Horseshoe Finale: One Year Later
1. SM64 – Watch for Rolling Rocks – 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)


The Top 47 Digibro Vlogs

#47. Drunken Rant About How Shit Kanye’s “The Life of Pablo” Is

#46. On Risk and Reward

#45. Evolving the Channels

#44. Please Analyze Shows I Don’t Like

#43. Why I Dropped Your Favorite Summer Anime

#42. Endless Weeb Trivia Quizzies


#40. Stop Blaming Budget For Animation Quality!


#39. On Closing Comments

#38. Meditation on (my) ArtWork

#37. Appreciation, Enjoyment & Consensus

#36. Invitational Art

#35. Nothing Is Timeless

#34. Digibro Postmortem

#33. Tips For Write Gooder

#32. Debunking the Myth That Anime is Overrun w/ Light Novels & Harems

#31. The Emotional Core of My Videos

#30. Digi Gets Mail #8

#29. Drunken, Half-Remembered Anime Stories!

#28. 250 Anime Recommendations

#27. Insomnia Analysis


#26. Laying Around Watching Non Non Biyori Until I Like It

#25. How Jontron S3 Misses the Point of Youtube

#24. New God of War: The Worst Game Ever Conceived or Created

#23. Digi Bros Discuss: Berserk 1997 vs. Berserk 2016

#22. Laying Around Watching Horizon On the Middle of Nowhere Until I Understand It…?

#21. Losing My Damn Mind In A Room Made Of Naked Anime Girls

#20. Why SAO is Better Than Ass War

#19. That Anime Snob Is A Fucking Idiot

#18. The Second Chances series


#16. Migraine Reviews Digi Edition

#15. No One Uses Scores Right

#14. Laying Around Watching Joker Game and GATE Until I Want to Die

#13. The Most Boring Taste In Anime

#12. How To Get Into (Current) Anime!

#11. Why Digibro Is After Dark

#10. My Anime Fandom History


#9. Finish or Fail: 2016 Anime Shows #1-4

#8. What Am I Looking For In Anime?


#6. Perfection Isn’t Interesting

#5. Laying Around Watching My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Until Entering a Drunken Downward Spiral

#4. Random Rambling Re: October



#1. Digi and Footwear Respond to SAO2 Comments!


My Top 37 Favorite Weird Al Songs

0. All of the polkas

37. Party in the CIA
36. That Boy Could Dance
35. Weasel Stomping Day
34. Amish Paradise
33. The Night Santa Went Crazy
32. I’ll Sue Ya
31. The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota
30. Yoda
29. Handy
28. Dare to Be Stupid
27. Jerry Springer
26. Since You’ve Been Gone
25. Pancreas
24. Don’t Download This Song
23. Trapped In the Drive-Thru
22. Like a Surgeon
21. White & Nerdy
20. I Want a New Duck
19. Trash Day
18. Confessions Pt. III
17. Tacky
16. Fat
15. It’s All About the Pentiums
14. Word Crimes
13. Another Tattoo
12. Eat It
11. Foil
10. Your Horoscope for Today
9. I Think I’m a Clone Now
8. Why Does This Always Happen to Me?
7. This Is the Life
6. Hardware Store
5. The Saga Begins
4. A Complicated Song
3. Albuquerque
2. Virus Alert
1. Everything You Know Is Wrong


Davoo Q&A

When making this, I wrote out a rough outline for my answers ahead of time. That’s what you’re seeing below; a much more short-form version of the answers. This way you can access the information more quickly, or save yourself the four-hours of watching the full-on version.

Where do you see your channel in the future, say 1-2 years?
A year from now, I expect this channel to remain the same as it is now, with more output, and hopefully a lot of viewership.
Two years from now, I’d like to be collaborating with other Youtubers in person. There’s a ‘sphere’ of other analysis people who I’m sort of affiliated with, who want to band together like RedLetterMedia when they start making enough money, and they said they’d bring me on ‘coz I’d be useful. That sounds like a good idea.

1. Which video has made the biggest ‘impact’ on your channel? And why?
I would have said the RCT3 video, but the Undertale one has pretty much surpassed it by now, especially since I expect its viewers to more readily enjoy my channel. But really, the most important video for my channel has been Lyrical Nanoha Retrospective part 1: a video I edited for Digibro. He really glowingly promoted my channel at the end, and I got a bunch of subscribers, and suddenly had a wave of fans, and got a bunch of Patrons. Like, most of the patrons I have right now all showed up within 1 week of that Nanoha video.

2. Have you considered ‘reviewing’ as a job? Because it seems you have the skills to be a very good one. If it are films or video games doesn’t matter.
Anyone who knows me or follows my twitter is laughing and/or rolling their eyes right now. It’s been something I’ve tried really hard to accomplish for a year and a half, and I’ve gotten really close.

3.would you rather go for mountains or beaches?

4. A whole cakes or many cookies, what do you prefer?
Many cookies.

MATIJA asks:
1: Will there be any more Mr. Miney?
2: Will you be doing any other skits?
There will probably a spiritual revival to the concept someday (my brother, multi-layered stupidity, my persona)

MDMDMD asks:
What microphone do you use?
Shure SM58, $99.

I’d like to ask a follow-up to this question: describe your whole audio setup. That vid above sounded really great even though you weren’t even close to the mic, so I’m quite curious.
I have a pop-filter sock sleeve thing over the mic. The mic goes into an M-Audio M Track, which then goes into my computer which I record with Audacity. I looked around on the settings on Audacity to find quality settings. My uncle is an audio engineer, but then again he was wrong on most things and Guitar Center made the decisions. The SM58 is just a really beloved microphone; possibly the most famous in the world, for being extremely versatile; so it’s basically the AK47 of microphones. That would explain why I could talk so far away and just turn the gain way up I guess.

1. Can I barrow a cup of sugar?
You could, but you wouldn’t need a whole wheelbarrow just for one cup of sugar.

2. Do you know of any of Jesse Wood’s secret channels?
Yes, “Discarded Shoes on the Side of the Highway” being my personal favorite.

3. Who is your favorite character in all of media?
Maya Fey a little bit.

4. Who is your least favorite character in all of media?
Anything that has a character I really hate, I don’t watch, or I skip scenes with that character.

5. What is your most vivid childhood memory?
Stuff I did when I was 12, since that was the most recent. But other than that, everything just kind of feels equally blurry and equally clear. I guess being on the computer is really super crisp for me. Not what it was like sitting at the desk, but the software itself, ‘coz I kept getting exposed to it over time to remember it.

6. If analysis doesn’t work out, what do you plan on doing as a source of income?In this crazy impossible universe where my videos don’t succeed, I’ll exclusive edit other people’s analysis videos, but if that technically counts as the same thing, then I’ll probably just do more game design and try to be useful enough to get hired by some dev and live in their closet.

7. How clean?
Moderate-to-severely clean!

8. Not really a question, but I’d like to say that you’ve done a bomb-ass job so far on digi’s asterisk war videos. Keep it up!
Thank you!

1. What’s your favorite bird?
I guess bluejay. They look cool and I had a Beanie Baby toy of one that looked boss. The Mourning Dove has the coolest sound, though. I want someone to do a mourning dove dubstep remix.

2. Do you think pigeons are a pest?
I’m not sure if pigeons are around where I live, so I wouldn’t have an opinion.

3. If you could be a bird, what would that bird be?
The New Caledonian crow. They can use tools.

4. If you could be a bird, but it had to be flightless, what bird would that be?
An ostrich; they’re pretty fast and powerful.

5. Has a bird ever scared you?
One time, a small bird flew RIGHT INTO MY FACE.

6. Have you ever owned a pet bird?
No. Every time I go to a house with a pet bird, my ears die.

7. Can you think of a bird that was in a video game? A movie?
First game that comes to my mind is the birds you ride, and the birds you avoid in Frogger: He’s Back. I also am reminded of the constant swarm of birds in the original NES Ninja Gaiden, and the similar attacking birds in Sands of Time. I remember the birds in RCT 1 and 3. In movies? I remember in Spiderman 3, how Sandman got turned into Sandman because he landed in a science machine, and they assumed it was a bird and that it would fly out, so they turned it on.


How much do you value morality in art/agreeing with a work’s message?
I think any work has moral values. I don’t care if I agree with a message, I only care about if I find the message interesting, and if the message is entertaining and works well with the rest of the work.

Do you value a successful but unoriginal piece of media more or less than a unique failure?
Definitely going to go with the former, but only because you used the very overpowered word ‘successful’. In this context, that literally means whether the game is good or not, so therefore, there you go. Otherwise, I can value originality for the sake of itself, but perfection of an idea is always the most satisfying.

In television comedies, do you prefer episodic programs or extended narratives?Since I’ve barely watched live action television, I do enjoy not having to know context going into them.

What is your favorite/least favorite aesthetic?
Aesthetics I generally dislike: Disney Channel Original Movie, Dolled-up Stuffy Women’s Magazine Cover look, gorey horror, sterile sitcom, stuff that’s dominated by orange, steampunk that’s nothing but wooden beams and iron stuff covering every inch of everything, completely generic high-fantasy, overly bright bloom lighting, anything that goes for realism but doesn’t have an insane budget to look slick and detailed, Tim Burton style random curvy shapes.

Aesthetics I generally love: very faintly grainy, very faintly dirty, sleek dark art-deco, bunch of awesome people running around being cool, surreal, absurdism, trippy, unhinged insanity, (but only precise and calculated), symmetry, careful and subtle mixed-media, stretchiness, bounciness, abstraction, squishiness, softness, juiciness, glowiness, weather, anything that feels like I’m out at night and it’s 50 degrees and there’s no wind.

Do you agree with Death of the Author?
The context in which a work was made doesn’t really affect the way I experience it in the moment, but it does have a huge impact on how I think about it afterwards. I don’t know enough about DotA to know if I agree with it specifically or not.

Do you speak any foreign languages?

What is your favorite color and shade/tint of that color?
My favorite color is blue; and definitely very faint sky blue. Just a little bit of green, and a tiny bit of red in there.

Do you read many philosophical works?
Not really any, I just get philosophical ideas second-handedly from other stuff.

How much do you know about world religions?
I know a ton about Evangelical Christianity, but not much of anything else.

What is your favorite gaming controller?
I suspect the gen 8 controllers would compete for my favorites, but I only have a Wii U. So without them, I really don’t have much preference.

Who are your favorite painters/traditional artists?

Who are your favorite historical figures?
Tbh, Hitler is fascinating.

Do you like vaporwave?
Yes! I only have been getting into it in the last few months, so I haven’t gone on this evolution of tastes for it. I’ve enjoyed INTERNET CLUB and the Infinity Frequencies Computer Trilogy mostly.

Do you like pie?
It’s complicated.

1)What’s your favorite type of frog?
The poison dart frog sounds cool.

2)On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love frogs?
I’ll go with 5.5, since I like them a little bit more than animals on average.

3) Have you owned a pet frog?
We owned a turtle once if that counts.

4) How much of an impact have frogs had on your life?
Frogger: He’s Back has been one of the most influential and important games to me.

How did you meet digi
I was checking up on a pony video I did, and saw Observations on MLP: Mane Six Ages in my suggested videos. I think I’d seen his videos recommended to me a lot, so I decided to finally try him out and listened to all his analysis videos while I was at work.

What is your anime preference

What is your video game preference
Also none. Depending on how specific you want me to get here.

What are your pc spec
Windows 8
Intel i5-4430 CPU, 3.0GHz
12.0 GB RAM
64bit operating system

What’s your history with anime?
As a kid, I was intrigued by their foreign-ness, but the terrible dubbing totally put me off. I assumed there’d be something weird or inappropriate in them anyway, so might as well not get invested in a show for risk of my parents banning me from it. Mostly, it was because I didn’t have friends who were hardcore anime fans. Even as I spent all my time on the internet and learned most of the basics of otaku culture, I didn’t have anyone evangelising shows to me, until the past like three years now, that I’ve had more friends in general and more pushing shows on me. And especially getting into Digibro’s analysis, and the rise of anime analysis overall, has gotten me finally interested in a big way.

JASON asks:
What is your favorite part of roller coaster tycoon? (Example: coaster building, naming completing scenarios)
Spatial relations!

Does your hair look that way naturally?
Yes. I do comb it a number of times, and I do moisten it, but that’s all.

What exactly does your day job entail?
Some stuff.

What are your top 5 favorite analysis videos, and the top 5 most influential to your style?
Sorry, no answer.

Biggest influences:
Angry Video Game Nerd: The Phillips CDi
Moviebob: Game Overthinker v1
Roger van der Weide: Sonic Dissected episode 2
Mr. Btongue: Choice and Consequence
Digibrony: Observations on MLP: Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle

Where were you writing before youtube?
Just comments and forum posts all around Youtube and other BBS’s. I did do really short reviews of a bunch of stuff on Newgrounds many years back.

How do you feel about the games you’ve made?
Impossible Maneuvering: Shows that I can make the kind of thing I like; reaffirms why I love Undertale
Society Problem: Similar to above
Footwear Man Beats up CinemaSins: Mildly amusing

What are the five things you most want to see done in a game in the future?
Level design with a huge emphasis on spatial relations.
A game world where I can interact with lots of things in different ways (IE churn butter, throw darts, burn bridges,)
Really only those two for sure

Which is better: playing games, or writing about games?
Gonna have to go with writing.

How many breads have you eaten in your entire life?
A few.

Sorry if these questions annoy you, I hope they weren’t too much!
1. Why did you decide to make analysis videos?
I had ideas for them constantly, and listening to the Horsecast, made me think “wow, these are the kinds of problems I want to have”

2. Have you always been someone who though analytically, or did you “teach” yourself to think the way you do overtime?
I have always thought analytically.

3. How did you meet Digi?
Haven’t ‘met’ anyone yet

4. How did you get into editing for Digi?
He was fretting about editing on Twitter, I offered, he figured I’d get his style, and I kept doing a good job.

5. Some of your favorite Youtubers?
I’ll list the not-obvious ones in my subscriptions.

insaneintherainmusic (jazz remixer)
MrLeonshake (Eathen)

Note: all politics questions, I urge you to watch in the video if you want to respond. What’s written here is just a brief outline of my opinion, without any of the explanation of the reasoning behind them.

6. Your political views in general? (left/right, conservative/liberal, etc.) Thoughts on Obama?
I want everyone to try hard to be sensible, and not say something they don’t know.
Obama is lame, and his goals are not in line with most Americans.

7. Thoughts on the Syrian refugee crisis? The Syria vote?
Dunno about the crisis itself, but in regards to bringing people into the country…living in a safe country isn’t a human right, sadly. It’s a tough call, but you have to protect yourself before you can try to protect others. A lot of people around the world want the world to change, significantly.

8. Do you think we, or the other members of NATO, be involved in the Middle East?
Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. I can only provide another question, by quoting Bill Whittle as best as I can remember:

“Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. So if you say America shouldn’t be the police of the world, believe me, I sympathize, but if you’re going to take that position, you have to ask the follow-up question, because the follow-up question is required: if not America, then whom? If American power is removed from the world, what force will rush in to fill the vacuum? Russia? ISIS?”

9. Thoughts on the Turkey/Russia situation?
I really don’t know, but it sounds like if this conflict will make any of the West’s enemies stronger, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to stop it.

10. Thoughts on the gun control debate?
Comprehensive gun control would stop the mentally deranged boys off their pills stealing their parents’ guns and shooting. Everything else would be worse.
America is just a more violent place than most western nations. If you want to have solid gun control, at MINIMUM, we have to enact Donald Trump’s immigration policy of scanning every citizen. Oh, and we’d have to put tonsloads of faith in the police all of a sudden.

11. What do you think is the best way we can handle the ISIS situation?
Either make them our enemy who we will go right up to and kill every single one of until they surrender, or ignore the world, enact Trump’s immigration policy and wall up the WHOLE COUNTRY. Make up your mind; don’t do this lukewarm in between where you get lots of citizens killed.

12. Why do you like making videos?
They give my life purpose.

13. Why do you like writing?
I have an unquenchable desire to be understood.

14. Why do you like video games?
Video games can realize any imaginable experience.

15. Favorite movies/books/tv shows/ anime/ cartoons/ comic?
Movie: Lord of the Rings
Book: Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
TV show: I guess Seinfeld?
Anime: Kill la Kill
Cartoon: Rick and Morty
Comic: Cucumber Quest

16. Marvel or DC?
No opinion.

17. Favorite super hero?
Robin from Young Justice.

18. Thoughts on feminism?
It’s slightly more hypocritical and needlessly aggressive than any other ideology.

19. Any general life philosophies?
Know what I’m saying; communicate.

20. Thoughts on determinism?
It’s an annoying glass-half-full thing.

21. Are you religious, or an atheist?

22. Thoughts on abortion?
I guess it’s kinda bad?

23. Who is your favorite author/film director/ anime director/ tv show director/ game creator?
Author: N/A
Film director: N/A anymore
Anime director: Hiroyuki Imaishi
TV show director: N/A
Game creator: none for now, but maaaybe tobyfox

24. What music do you like listening to/ favorite musician?
I’m mostly listening to the stuff The Needle Drop recommends, and/or stuff Digibro talks about all the time. Crystal Castles are nice.

25. Least favorite movies/books/tv shows/ anime/ cartoons/ comics?
Movie: N/A
Book: N/A
TV Show: Most frustrating: The Pretender. Biggest failure: Bully Beatdown.
Anime: N/A
Cartoons: Camp Lazlo.
Comics: Any online gag strip that runs out of ideas immediately and keeps going.

26. Least favorite author/ film director/ anime director/ tv show director/ game director?

27. In your opinion, what is art? What isn’t?
Art is a work of creativity. Great art is a work of creativity someone loves. High art is a work of creativity someone analyzes.

28. What are the best and worst qualities a piece of art can have?
Best quality: makes me feel better about life/helps me with my problems

Worst quality: sucks me in just enough to where I don’t want to quit, and punishes my patience by wasting my time

29. What is the best creative advice you’ve ever received?
South Park audio commentary mini Season 9: The Death of Eric Cartman. One of them said something like,
“It takes doing a not-so-good episode to sort of kick you in the ass and make you realize that, you can’t do this effortlessly; that you really do have to try really, super hard to make something good.”
“Really, super” is a combination of words I use often.

30. How do you stay motivated to create?
Not doing something creative is torture, so it’s ultimately through negative reinforcement. Though, now that people enjoy what I’m doing, their positivity helps too.

31. Describe your history a bit? Your life?
I’ve never grown up with a lot of people around my age who could show me stuff; my dad always had a great technique of making his kids independent without making them feel abandoned, and my mom has this great skill at getting her kids to think for themselves, so I’ve always come up feeling like I’ve got to make everything happen by myself, and that I can.

32. Do you still watch MLP? What do you think about Season 5? What do you think about the show’s future?
Haven’t watched S5 after the first few episodes. It’ll be funny to see it go on for a few more years and get really weird.

33. Favorite animal?
Cats I guess.

35. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
My ultimate dream is to be a part of a multi-media corporation as a creative director, where we can create expanded universe franchises across several mediums.

ANNA asks:
1. What animated movie utilises the medium of animation the best in your opinion?
Big Hero 6 is pretty technically perfect, but I wouldn’t know.

2. Is your family supportive of you hoping to make youtube videos your job (if they know about it at all)?
They’re VERY supportive!

Oh, I forgot
3. What’s your MBTI type?
Extravert(1%)  iNtuitive(50%)  Thinking(16%)  Judging(9%)
You have marginal or no preference of Extraversion over Introversion (1%)
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
You have slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (16%)
You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (9%)

How has making videos impacted your life?
Very positively! Except I think I’ve gotten a bit of fat added to me as a result.

What’s your least favorite part about making videos?
Adding youtube tags.

What do you do when you get writer’s block?
Just play more games; research stuff; consume anything.

Is there anything you would like to do an analysis of, but are too scared of the backlash it would cause?
Not really afraid of backlash.

ME asks:
Get outta here.

1. What kinds of videos would you make if you had the sufficient resources required to do so?
Ambitious animated series’!

2. Favourite book? (Fiction and non-fiction)
My favorite books are,
The City in History
The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell

I don’t like any fiction books.

3. Do you consider yourself a competitive person? And have you ever gotten into competitive gaming?
I like competing, but not in a zero-sum game.

4. Are you a materialist (someone who believes that the world is only made up of physical matter such as atoms and molecules) or a dualist (someone who believes that the world is made up of spiritual matter such as the mind and the soul, in addition to atoms and molecules)?
I honestly think of the world as a big dam simulation!

5. Do you lean more towards deontology (the idea that the moral value of an action can be gauged by examining the nature of the action itself) or consequentialism (the idea that the moral value of an action can be gauged by examining the consequences of that action)?
I’m a hardcore deontologist.

FAKE NAME! asks:
Where are you from?.. You have an accent that I can’t quite place. 😛
I’m from the metro area of Kansas City, Missouri. I also have a weird tongue, and had severely messed up teeth until my mid-teens, only having gotten my braces out like a year ago. I also lived in Canada from ages 2 to 5.

EATHAN asks:
would you let me draw your in video persona or OC for a video? Did that make sense? You know what I’m talking about right?

How much stuff can you stuff in your stuffy till your stuffy has stuffed enough stuff?

Favorite voice actor
Welp, I guess Egoraptor.

NEMNA asks:
Would you ever consider dying your hair? If you would, which color?
Black, but that’d be disingenuous.
White, but then I’d look like an old lady.
Some crazy neon color like teal or alien green!

NEMNA asks:
What kind of microphone/editing software do you use?
Used Power Director, still plan on doing so. Use Adobe Premiere now.

JAKO asks:
Do you pee sitting down?
Only if I’m going to poop, or I’m extremely super tired.

TOPH4ER asks:
It’s interesting how different people annunciate “wh”.

What is your bank account number and pin? (You said “anything”…)
My bank account #: 391540
PIN: 1010

The games you talk about are usually more of the “hidden or forgotten gem” nature, do you also follow the mainstream AAA market (for example Fallout 4 or CoD BlackOps x)?
Yes I do follow it, though I don’t play them much.

Imagine tomorrow Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 gets announced, would you be optimistic or sceptical?
VERY skeptical since it already exists.

What would you say is the free time occupation you value the most. (games, movies, gardening etc.)
Cooking, taking walks.

During your Big Hero Six Critique you expressed some disdain for the film Frozen. Would you consider doing a full video on the subject? If not could you elaborate on some of the points you made during that video, as someone who passionately hates Frozen it would be somewhat cathartic.
I like Frozen. And I think it’s interesting how much criticism it gets.

Have you played a game called Space Station 13? Would you give it a try and possibly report your thoughts on it?

P.S: If this somehow does amount to a video, ill drop something into patron for ya 😉
I’ll check that out.

How do you have 5k subs?
Reason #4: Digibro
Reason #3: Rollercoaster Tycoon
Reason #2: Undertale
Reason #1: Ponies


1. How have your perspectives changed on things like videogames, movies, art, religion and life from when you were a child to a teenager to now?
Video games; not much, I just have a lot more of it. Movies? I’ve gotten much more perspective through Moviebob and YMS. Art? I dunno. Religion; not much, I just don’t take it for granted anymore.

2. How old are you?

3.What do you think of gender non-binaries? Do you identify as non-binary?
I just think of myself as male, and I don’t know anyone who is openly non-binary, so I don’t have a personal opinion on it. At first, I thought it was a more advanced computational system.

NO ONE asks:
Why did you decide to name your youtube channel The Davoo?
I didn’t want to have a username, so I spiffed up my real name. I added “The” at the beginning because ‘Davoo’ was already taken.

RAKKA asks:
By following you on twitter and listening to Digibro talk about you, I realised you’re an American right-winger. Compare your political and economic stances with the present Republican party policies please.
I formulate all my political positions by listening to other opinions, and scrutinizing them. I then side with whichever conclusions hold up the best.

The Republican party has never been for small government.

THANKS asks:
What’s your perfect Sunday?
When my friends and I come up with something to do.

Do you regret saying you would answer all the questions?
Not at all!

Joke question: Can I barrow $10?
You could, but if it’s in cash, it’ll probably blow out

Real question: since you tend to talk about much smaller games and general things in life people take fro granted (Which is why I like your channel btw, subbed just for the trampolines video) what are some of your opinions on some of the bigger gaming franchise like call of duty, assassin’s creed, fallout, GTA, and pokemon? (That’s just naming the ones that come to my mind when I think of series that seem so be regularly getting new installments)

I don’t go out of my way to play small and old games; I just don’t have the time or money to play big new games.

My opinions on those franchises?

Have you ever played any visual novels? What’s your thoughts on them?
If Phoenix Wright counts, then they’re as great as they’re written! I know most are generic beyond belief, so I’m not particularly interested.

What made you want to start making YouTube videos?
The final thing that made me decide to do it was Patreon coming around, and bringing rise to Youtubers who could talk about whatever they want and still make money.

Did you feel shy at all about posting them and having your opinions out there?
Not at all! I’d only gotten a little bit nervous about trying to make my videos good, once I started taking it seriously.

Are/were/will you be going to college? If so, for what?
Not planning on it at all. I cannot think scholastically.

What do you do outside of YouTube?
I spend basically all my time on Youtube.

What does your family/friends think of your choices? (YouTube, future plans, or anything else you’d like to address).
They’re alllll so supportive I feel kinda bad!

Not a question, but I enjoy your content (:
Thank you!

1. Would you consider the label “video essayist” an accurate description of your content?
Yeah I guess so. I finally came up with a tagline for myself that I like, which you can see on my About page, and my Patreon page.

2. How did your collaboration with Roger on internet critics dissected come about?
I’d asked him in a comments section about future Dissected episodes he was planning, and he mentioned that one. Months later, I messaged him on DeviantArt saying I’d love to make that one with him. I knew it would be cool as shit!

3. Did you take any video editing classes, or are you self taught?
Yeah I’ve just been making videos since 2008. It’s not that hard, you just have to be inclined to long, tedious grinding.

4. Why did you murder my family?
Realistically, the most obvious I can imagine having killed a whole family is by causing a chain reaction leading to a car accident. So I guess it was through you watching my videos that you declined to join your family in the trip, and the difference in variables from you not being there caused the accident. So really, it’s just as much your fault, if not more.

Would you kill babies if it was inherently the right thing to do?
If “no”, under what circumstances would you not do the right thing to do?
If “yes”, how inherently right would it have to be, for how many babies?

More overpowered terminology!

JENNY asks:
1. Are you still in high school, in college or have plans for college ?
I was homeschooled, and am done with that now.

2. Do you have a favorite philosopher / school of thought / topic ?
I would say no, but I sort of think of Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell as a philosophy.

3. Can you give a reading recommendation based off of your answer from the previous question ? ( mine to you would be any story or collection of stories from Jorge Luis Borges, my favorite is “The Library of Babel” — he plays with paradoxes and a lot of fun philosophical themes reminiscent of Berkley and Schopenhauer )
Read that book! And another book of his called “Applied Economics”.

4. Was there any particular RCT park you played more than others ? (Evergreen Gardens?) Did you find yourself preferring the parks with sand because the grass growing annoyed you ?
Yes, Evergreen Gardens! I prefer the grass; I don’t mind it growing.

5. What personality disorder do you find most interesting or do you relate to the most?
Whatever disorder Burgerpants has, also Mike Meekins. Their unhinged personalities are exactly the way my anxiety looks and sounds to me internally.

SCRUB asks:
My step-brother thinks I’m insane for watching anime, what should I do?
I don’t know, my full brother thinks I’m insane for a multitude of reasons. He tells me that I talk and act like a psychopath, and he’s actually nervous whenever we’re out of the house together. So don’t come to me for advice on this! I would tell you to ask Digi, but he’s seen as a raving, bearded hermit in his family as well. So consider the possibility that your step-brother is right!

What is the best first step for getting into writing video analysis and essays?
Step 1: Start asking questions.
Step 2: Don’t stop.
Additionally: Go on message forums and talk to people there. It’s much easier to get people to read and respond to BBS posts than it is to get people to watch and respond to blog posts or videos. So if people respond, start responding back, and badaboom, you’re analyzing.

Do you plan to make a video about Superstar Saga at some point?
*Hands behind back* I dunnoooooooooooooo…


My favorite Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (original trilogy) characters ranked best-to-worst


My highly confident list ranking every character of the original Phoenix Wright Trilogy. This excludes characters who we never meet, with the exception of the one character who was compelling to me just through hearing and learning about him. When I’ve played the other Ace Attorney games, I’ll weave all those characters back in here (excluding vs. Prof Layton because that doesn’t count.)

Making this list made me realize just how much of your opinion of something is influenced by how much you remember about it. Characters shot far up or down the list from their initial position once I remembered more, like how much I enjoyed them, or how little dialogue they had. Of course I’ve accepted this as part of the forming and maintaining of opinions since forever; it was just really striking to witness my feelings dial back and forth in dramatic and minute ways as I pulled specific details and experiences out of my memory.

best person     Maya
incredible       Edgeworth
Dahlia Hawthorne
Damon Gant
The judge
great     Franziska von Karma
Mike Meekins
Shelly de Killer
von Karma
damn good     Luke Atmey
Larry Butz
The judge’s younger brother
Maggey Byrde
Frank Sahwit
Morgan Fey
Glen Elg
Richard Wellington
solid      Furio Tigre
Victor Kudo
Adrian Andrews
Ron DeLite
Matt Engarde
Turner Grey
Viola Cadaverini
Desirée DeLite
Max Galactica
Regina Berry
Mimi Miney
Lana Skye
Jake Marshall
Lotta Hart
enjoyable     Iris
Misty Fey
Will Powers
Terry Fawles
Benjamin Woodman
worthwhile     Lisa Basil
Sal Manella
April May
Dee Vasquez
Cody Hackins
Redd White
Penny Nichols
Yanni Yogi
“Director Hotti”
ehh     Marvin Grossberg
Jean Armstrong
blehh     Oldbag


DEFINITIVELY proving the worth of movies/TV/cartoons/video games/anime

“I like it” is the only justification I personally need to validate consuming a lot of media, doing it now as a career. I’ve wondered, though, if I could come up with a satisfying answer for people who question if things like that are ‘truly worth that much’. This comes from the postulate that art/media ‘is not real life’, while doing things outside with people ‘is’. Let’s unpack this idea on two levels: first in the pedantic and literal (but necessary to consider) sense, and then in the human and actual sense that they mean.

On a purely objective level, there is nothing that makes the quarks which make up protons which make up atoms which make up molecules which make up cells which make up people and trees realer than the 1-s and 0-s which make up lines of code which make up assembled programs which make up video games. It’s mostly just that you can smell people and trees, and you can’t smell video games.
Even if you have faith in a higher power that created/controls the universe, that philosophy remains in agreement that existence itself is an invention built out of something else. You could make the argument that God wants his/her/its creations to spend more time enjoying the world that was created for us, and rightfully so. So now let’s respond to the actual point.

I tend to call into question where the line between ‘real life’ and ‘not-real life’ is supposed to be. Working for fast food, for example, means spending all day in a tiny building; which itself houses only one activity and represents one set culture and aesthetic. You’re using physical tools and working with physical humans, but many concerned friends and family might be likely to show concern for someone stuck in a career like this, telling them that “they’re not really living their life”.

So what if your job involved traveling all around the world? You’d learn a lot about many cultures; the views; the people; the breezes. But let’s think somewhat cynically about this. Depending on how often you’re out on the road, you won’t really be ‘living’ anywhere and becoming ‘part of the world’; you’ll just be sampling it. So are you really, really living in the real world? Is there anything can really satisfy that (understandable and normal) desire to live ‘the real’ life?

Let’s rethink this again. What if you’re an active member of the council for a big and busy city. Every day is learning about the problems the people are having, from cracked infrastructure to offensive hairstyles; and you’re tasked with solving these problems. Now you’re intimately involved with numerous aspects of living all at once, but you know what else? You’re a few steps away from being a politician; the profession more infamous than any other for isolating and de-familiarizing oneself from the ‘regular people’; from ‘the real world’.

If you tried, you could probably pretty quickly think of an occupation that satisfies all of these arbitrary attributes I’ve come up with here. In any case, I urge you to draw your attention to that use of the word “arbitrary”, which I think would be useful in describing anyone’s definition of ‘a good and productive life’.

What’s a way to live that definitely wouldn’t be a very good idea? How about, spending 18 hours a day in an empty underground bunker with no lights, sitting on a stool, and eating nothing but peanut butter. So with scientist-philanthropist-athlete on one extreme end, and peanut-butter-bunker on the other, where do I–a Youtuber who takes walks, drives, learns about the news, has offline friends, and sometimes reads books but mostly consumes and creates art while looking at a screen–belong on the scale between them?

Personally, I like to look at it this way: art has inspired the masses for thousands of years. It enchants us and lifts our spirits. Not everyone is a holocaust survivor, but we can at least feel a little like one and understand what they went through a little bit by reading a book written by one, or by watching a movie adapted from that book.
Think of something you could do in your life that would make you feel accomplished and enrich your body or soul. Volunteer in a soup kitchen; remove graffiti; run a marathon; meet new people. Now take that productive thing you thought of, and ask yourself how proportionately productive it would still be if you experienced a simulation of it through art, if the work is well-executed, rich and engaging. Let’s be conservative here, and go with 1/100. So however much self-actualization you can achieve by doing something, you can get 1% of that satisfaction by watching/reading something about it.

Now do the math. I recently watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Which means I did one one-hundredth of: staging a coup against a corrupt government, successfully; becoming an expert in an experimental and dangerous field of science, ultimately learning it’s not the solution to my problems and giving it up; trying to reconcile my physical existence with my self-perception in ways hardly anyone around me can relate to; and struggling to understand how to always do the right thing, and when selflessness becomes self-destructiveness.
Well holy shit, how much is 1% of that? Remodeling your house by yourself? Hey guys, I remodeled my entire house in like 5 days!

Free, untouched food–fruit, vegetables and animals–is spread out all over the wild; just like there’s raw, human experiences to be had in the physical world–at work/school, in another country and on your friend’s couch. And just like we have farmers and ranchers and cooks to collect and assemble that wild food and compress it into something we can poke with a fork, eat in 15 minutes, and go on our way; we have writers, animators and singers who collect and assemble experiences and emotions and ideas, compress into something we can sit down and marathon in a weekend or an afternoon, and immediately move on to the next experience. It is important to sometimes pick a plum off a tree / get out of your comfort zone, but no one is going to give you a hard time for eating prepared/store-bought food the majority of the time.

This conclusively and definitively proves that my career choice is a great idea and can make for a good lifestyle. This ends the discussion, and nothing ever needs to be said about it again.